Monday, April 7, 2008


its been a month since i have been here thats so hard to believe ive had such a month its not funny .
between work ( i work at a customer assistance center for a major auto company) i come home & i swear im taking phone calls in my sleep . the kids ( remember theres 4) & i was sick for a few days . i never stops .

this evening @ work im on the later shift which means i get off @ 9
:30 ( get to see my kids in the mornings before school how nice) & so we had lasagne last night for supper we brought some to M & i made sure there was some saved for me for lunch im @ work getting ready to heat it up & when i opend the contsainer what happend ... it was gone before my son D packed it up either him or his sister G ate it on me & still put it back in the bac go i was left to have machine food eew ( well at least i had change i worked @ the bestest bar the zone216 this weekend so i got tips) but im still longing to have some lasagne almost to the point that i might make some tomorrow lol

so next week is the cats birthdays lol my little miss insisted on getting them birthday presents so here i am in the dollar store looking for "presents" for mango & dollface ( i know its a stupid name but she answers to it " so i comes across the most adorable rainbow colar for T & R 's cat Gracie so next time i go down shes going to have her collar too lol

had fun this week too went to wendys & wally world with my friend R it was fun seen someone i haddnt seen in like 14 years spooky she found me through facebook lol or face crack i guess thats what i gets for putting my maidden name & married name .

well im off to the land of food now i havent had a good supper ( hm i wonder why)
i promise to post much more i gotta lol

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