Sunday, March 16, 2008

Well tomorrow is st paddys day & of course we all celebrated sat night with the GREEN party @ the mansion . the night started out as usual with T not dressed & doing everyones hair lol of course there was booze involved.
i got to see R i havent seen him in ages & i miss him lol.. guess we will have to go 10 minutes away for our coffee before work so we can say hi hes amazingly happy which is good.
there was a dj there & after 2 hours of trying to figure out where to put him & setting him up in the living room i sugested the kitchen so they moved the table & there he went & of course "momma knows" if they had to of listened to me they try & try to get the party in to the living room lol but it always ends up in the kitchen so why fight it lol

of course we all took the van down to the Zone . i think @ last count there was 11 of us in the van hubby said it looked like a clown car lol . im amazed he didnt get a ticket because A fell out of the van & almost got hit with the meat wagon . ( or police holding vechicle lol)
but was all good we of course brought the party with us. which i wouldnt think was possible because when we left the mansion there was a full blown party goin on .

with today being palm sunday i had to leave early ( yes 3 am is early .. well for me that is lol )

so there was a huge storm & everything was shut down this morning so no church so we will have to go sometime this week aside from friday were there then ( going to be fun going to work in my church clothes)

thursday night is the annual tribute to madonna its sad there are no queens to help betty out shes doin the show solo but that will change she has amazing friends who will be there to support her
so im off to bed . see you soon i will be trying to update this daily i was neglecting it this week but im here again


Monday, March 3, 2008

so it wasnt a hangover!

i woke up yesterday morning & omg i was so sick,the tummy flu has found its way into my house i was the first, how long till it goes through the whole house im not looking forward to that. but then again im working all day sooooooo i dont have to deal with it while im there lol .( poor hubby)

something thats really discusted me this week was the story of little larry who was killed last month because he asked a boy to be his valentine.. what is this world coming too when children are killing children.... just because larry was gay he didnt deserve all this ... so ppl teach tolerance & teach your children to be who they want to be & not to be afraid to be. God( ow who ever you worship) loves everyone equal no one deservs to die because of who they are or their sexuality . its sad that 2 little boys have lost their lives . little larry has lost his life & the little boy who shot him as the only way he could deal with another boy liking him his life is lost as well he will spend so many years in jail & for what because another boy wanted to be his valentine. ....... so sad .

Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Fag Hag" ... i think not

fag hag is getting old ....................................
as a woman who enjoys the company of men who love men like they were women ,I'm not a "hag" so I'm thinking fag hag is getting old .
yes i go out dancing with My boys every week . they tell me they love me & i love them not as they love men but as them .
standing outside the most awesome dance bar last night ( well early this morning ) someone referenced me and my friend as a "fag hag".
the classic impression of a "hag" is an ugly old woman with warts on her nose sorta in a witch type way . and being beautiful women as we are this does not fit us ( now when were 80 & still going to the bar we will have to talk OK )
so standing in the early morning march cold we were drunkenly thinking of what to call us.
several long confusing names came out so , ( yes we confused a young lesbian standing outside smoking as well )
so now we are abolishing the term " fag hag" we want to be known now as
""Women who like men who love men as if they were women! ""

so lets abolish the term "fag Hag" ..........