Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Fag Hag" ... i think not

fag hag is getting old ....................................
as a woman who enjoys the company of men who love men like they were women ,I'm not a "hag" so I'm thinking fag hag is getting old .
yes i go out dancing with My boys every week . they tell me they love me & i love them not as they love men but as them .
standing outside the most awesome dance bar last night ( well early this morning ) someone referenced me and my friend as a "fag hag".
the classic impression of a "hag" is an ugly old woman with warts on her nose sorta in a witch type way . and being beautiful women as we are this does not fit us ( now when were 80 & still going to the bar we will have to talk OK )
so standing in the early morning march cold we were drunkenly thinking of what to call us.
several long confusing names came out so , ( yes we confused a young lesbian standing outside smoking as well )
so now we are abolishing the term " fag hag" we want to be known now as
""Women who like men who love men as if they were women! ""

so lets abolish the term "fag Hag" ..........

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