Monday, March 3, 2008

so it wasnt a hangover!

i woke up yesterday morning & omg i was so sick,the tummy flu has found its way into my house i was the first, how long till it goes through the whole house im not looking forward to that. but then again im working all day sooooooo i dont have to deal with it while im there lol .( poor hubby)

something thats really discusted me this week was the story of little larry who was killed last month because he asked a boy to be his valentine.. what is this world coming too when children are killing children.... just because larry was gay he didnt deserve all this ... so ppl teach tolerance & teach your children to be who they want to be & not to be afraid to be. God( ow who ever you worship) loves everyone equal no one deservs to die because of who they are or their sexuality . its sad that 2 little boys have lost their lives . little larry has lost his life & the little boy who shot him as the only way he could deal with another boy liking him his life is lost as well he will spend so many years in jail & for what because another boy wanted to be his valentine. ....... so sad .

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